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 Supplements: which ones do you use?

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The Quiet Type
The Quiet Type

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PostSubject: Supplements: which ones do you use?   Sun Jan 27, 2008 6:46 pm

I've always thought of the human body as an engine: provide the right fuel and additives and the sky is the limit.

This is what I put in my tank apart from healthy food:

Twinlab Super Mass Gainer (just before I hit the sack)

Amino Acids:
Aminobolan after a heavy workout (free form aminos: tastes like shit, but great for recuperation)
Twinlab HMB before a long cardio workout
Twinlab BCAA's before a strength (muscle) workout

Creatine (cycles of three weeks with one week abstinence):
10 grams Perfect Creatine Monohydrate on calm days
3 x 10 grams Maximize Betamax (creatine + HMB + arginine AKG = Nox booster) on "heavy duty" days

Vitamin supplements:
on a daily basis, normal serving

All of the above works like a charm for me since I combine boxing with power training and need a little extra (min. 8 hours of training per week takes its toll).

I've tried Ripped Fuel and Anti Fat Fuel from Twinlab, but I can't say it had any significant results. In general I'm quite sceptic about burners, but maybe that's because I expect too much result from it, dunno.

I think the ground rule with using supplements is reading up on facts and realizing that supplements are nothing but aides, not miracle providers. Do a little research on the active components, combine that with the goals you're setting and check it with the nutritional info on the packages.

So what's the rest of the board swallowing? Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Supplements: which ones do you use?   Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:59 am

I use the following:

Protein powder
100% pure whey protein from www.getbig.dk with strawberry flavour.

Nutritional supplements
Flax Seed Oil pills, 3/day, in the morning after breakfast
1 multi vitamin pr. day.

and of course a lot WATER!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Supplements: which ones do you use?   Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:04 am

For me I've chose:

Muscle Science Whey Supreme - Rich chocolate flavour
Multivitamin Daily
Omega 3 soft gels ( gonna move over to flax again soon)
Ganic - F Insane ( South African version of NRG Xplode but way more effective Smile

Other than that, put healthy food and water in the system, this combo is unstoppable for me!! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Supplements: which ones do you use?   

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Supplements: which ones do you use?
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