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 PLEASE READ: How to use this section

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Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ: How to use this section   Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:12 am

I can see this part of the Bored getting quite busy and messy with posts going everywhere. What i suggest is each member to create his/her own topic with the title as:

Blog: *username*
Workout Log: *Username*

and then that member to post all their updates in their own topic. This will then save any confusion within topics with various members posting various workout updates. Other members can then comment on progresses people have made.

If the above does not make sence please PM me and i will edit.

Those who have always yielded to temptation will never know the feeling of standing up to it and the satisfaction of resisting.
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PLEASE READ: How to use this section
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