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 A little confused

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PostSubject: A little confused   Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:07 pm

So I've been reading up on cardio and the best times to do it and have gotten two very different answers, both with multiple and (seemingly) reliable sources. 1)The best time is in the morning on an empty stomach and 2)The worst time to do it is in the morning on an empty stomach.

Pro morning/empty stomach:

Anti morning/empty stomach:

So, when is the best time? I'm more inclined to go with morning on an empty stomach but I'd like to see what you guys have to say before I stick with that time.

Also, for the 16 week work out should I keep the HIIT and Resistance training on seperate days (like Arnel says) or could I have HIIT on resistance days too to maximise the effect or will it just stress the body?
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A little confused
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