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 MISSION STATEMENT: What we are all about

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Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan

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PostSubject: MISSION STATEMENT: What we are all about   Thu Feb 14, 2008 6:47 am

First of all welcome to www.sixpackattackforum.com. Let me introduce myself, my name is Sean Ryan and I am the site admin for this board.

Any new people coming across this board for whatever reason may be wondering why it is here and what purpose it serves. I am hoping that this topic will be able to clarify that.

Let me ask you a few questions first: Are you unhappy with what you see in the mirror? Do you wish you had a better healthier lifestyle? Do people laugh at you because you are overweight or unfit?

I will promise you now all this can change. Let me explain why…

Back in early 2007 a fitness expert named Arnel Ricafranca created a training program to help people loose weight, gain muscle, and get their six pack abs. Instead of trying to sell this program he embarked on a 16 week journey using his own program to see the results on his own body.

Weekly he posted videos on his website of the exercises he had been doing and how many sets and repetitions he completed. After the 16 weeks he revealed incredible results.

The program itself is free to get, all you need to do is sign up free on www.iwantsixpackabs.com and you will gain access to the program, fitness articles, and other useful information.

After his journey was complete a group was set up using Google forums. The idea was that a group of people would all start the 16 week program at the same time and the person with the best results would win a prize from Arnel. This went well, over 120 people signed up and the results were magnificent. Unfortunately I dropped out after only a few weeks due to family issues.

After the 16 weeks were over I created this forum and started a Group 2 competition. I also hope to hold many more, over the years and motivate more people to get fit and improve their lifestyle.

I will say it now in case people get the wrong idea. This program was not created by me or any of the other moderators on this site, and we will take no credit for it.

Please remember - This forum is not only for those embarking on Arnel’s 16 week program in fact this forum is for anyone who wants to get fit, improve their lifestyle, change their eating habits, or just feel better about themselves. On this forum, and in its community, you will find helpful advice, you will get inspiration, motivation, and more importantly a reason to get up and change the way you are.

On this site you will see and speak to real people, see their improvements, read their story, and see what can happen if you want it to.

Sign up here, join our community, and start to improve your life.


Those who have always yielded to temptation will never know the feeling of standing up to it and the satisfaction of resisting.
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MISSION STATEMENT: What we are all about
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